About Us

Digital Marketing with a Difference

Jua Digital is a MarTech company that provides Digital Marketing services backed by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Nuance Intelligence (NI) to European businesses and institutions that seek to get their products, services and causes to market and on the ground in Africa. We bring our international and indigenous expertise to bear so that their marketing efforts are optimized to be more precise, right down to communal levels on the continent. We do the digital marketing heavy-lifting for our clients – we get the weight off our clients’ shoulders.

The 54 countries on the continent are unique in their own different ways. Each country is made up of unique communities that are defined by their individual cultures and this plays a major role in their approach to products and brands; and this factor remains very relevant despite the continent being strung along in today’s world of fast-changing technology. This is where Jua Digital’s Nuance Intelligence (NI) comes into play. We are able to configure the right nuanced approach at continental, regional, national, city right down to communal levels due to the contacts we have in the majority of these 54 countries; this equips us with a vast knowledge base and informs the accuracy of our NI system. We are continually building deeper connect within countries where we already have contacts in order to make our system more efficient whiles creating new connects in nations where we do not have them yet. These vertical and horizontal extensions will helps improve the efficacy of our NI system.

Tech Marketing

At Jua Digital, we also have expertise in Tech marketing. With a cumulative decade years of experience in global tech marketing, we are in a good position to meet all your Fintech, InsureTech, Blockchain Tech, EdTech, Music etc. marketing needs on either global level or continent specific levels.